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A full Stack Developer toolbox.

MY TECHNOLOGY INFO-GRAPHIC, 15+ Years Later! Things I have mostly mastered. Things I have used to deliver value.  Things I am passionate about. Things I am currently pursuing. Things I believe can bring value to any Software Development Team. I bring TEAMWORK to your Team so Together Everyone can Achieve More.

Setup your environment for Cloud development

You are new to cloud development, your executive team has charged you with developing some prototypes or real-life applications in the cloud space.  You are mainly a Microsoft shop (Visual Studio, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL server, etc) or you are the Microsoft workload champion at your company. You are open to Azure or AWS. Where do you start? I am here to guide you!   I'm going to show you how to effectively start with cloud development using visual studio IDE. The Journey starts here: If you need to read more about cloud development with visual studio, then proceed here: The next thing from there is to hop over to and download the appropriate visual studio edition. But, for the purpose of this post, I am assuming you are downloading the free  community addition. Download Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition for  FREE  from here