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Exam 70-487: Accessing Data - How to choose the Appropriate Data Access Technology - WCF Data Services?

The two Data Access technologies we have studied so far ( ADO.NET and Entity Framework ) really deal with our Applications accessing back end data within the context of enterprise network, even if the application is an internet facing application. Since different applications are written in different programming languages, they often cannot communicate with each other out of the box. So, if you want to make the application available to outsiders, the only option we used to have was to build a web service. A Web service enables this communication by using a combination of open protocols and standards. Once upon a time, this was mostly done with XML, SOAP and WSDL. A Web service uses XML to tag data, SOAP to transfer a message and finally WSDL to describe the availability of services. But, during the 2000-2010 decade, the development landscape underwent significant changes with the formulation of the following protocols and architectural styles: Representational State Transfer