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Connecting your enterprise datacenter to the Cloud.

Any organization that had any type of IT infrastructure and software assets before the cloud era is now talking about cloud. The overwhelming observation being made is that many are opting for a hybrid or multi cloud approach. Either way, enterprises have a variety of options for connecting to cloud services: VPN Cloud services like AWS support IPSec VPN tunnels – a familiar technology for most enterprise IT teams. But these tunnels can run into problems with resiliency and throughput and have limited flexibility. Organizations can get a direct circuit to use between their data centers and the cloud service provider. While this is simpler than public peering to route with your private network,  enterprise will need to perform engineering to ensure traffic is handled the way it prefers, since these service providers tend to do things and call things their own way. PEERING Private peering AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) supports 100 routes/prefixes; Azure private

Azure for AWS Professionals

Azure for AWS Professionals This article helps Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts understand the basics of Microsoft Azure accounts, platform, and services. It also covers key similarities and differences between the AWS and Azure platforms. You'll learn: How accounts and resources are organized in Azure. How available solutions are structured in Azure. How the major Azure services differ from AWS services. Azure and AWS built their capabilities independently over time so that each has important implementation and design differences. Overview Like AWS, Microsoft Azure is built around a core set of compute, storage, database, and networking services. In many cases, both platforms offer a basic equivalence between the products and services they offer. Both AWS and Azure allow you to build highly available solutions based on Windows or Linux hosts. So, if you're used to development using Linux and OSS technology, both platforms can do the job. While the capabiliti